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Mission Statement
SCL Business Solutions provides personalized Microsoft Excel training to busy professionals and small businesses who seek to broaden their proficiencies without the high costs of hiring a full-day trainer. Our mission is to bring consistent value to our clients by providing professional Microsoft Excel training on demand when needed.

What We Do
Whether your training needs include learning how to create spreadsheets, producing charts and graphs, writing Excel formulasor even statistical functions, SCL Business Solutions can help you achieve your professional goals and become more proficient in Excel.

At SCL, we understand the day-to-day challenges that busy professionals face to increase their Excel knowledge. In this competitive landscape, companies are now requiring employees to have Excel expertise in order to advance in the corporate setting.

How We Do It
That is why SCL Business Solutions is proud to partner with you 
to provide exceptional Excel training services right
when you need it. This "on demand" approach enables you 
to save the substantial costs of hiring a full-day trainer
and simultaneously helps you advance your career goals.
  • Excel 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Business Operations
Spreadsheets 101
Formula Writing
Charts and Graphs
Data Sorting and Filters
Creating Drop Downs
Headers and Footers
Building Dashboards
Statistical Formulas
Data Analysis
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