We at SCL Business Solutions offer busy professionals a wealth of Excel skill sets and expertise. With over 10 years of Excel experience, SCL has trained many employees and students to enhance their Excel skills. Our role is to provide valuable training services and help professionals enhance their knowledge in Excel, create spreadsheets, and build analytical skill sets.
Professional Expertise

Shevella "Shevy" Lindley has over 10 years of Excel experience and has an MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management from the University of North Texas. Her professional experience includes Excel training for major corporations and performing business analysis work for a large telecommunicatons firm with revenues in excess of $8 billion annually.

As a top Business Analyst, she has trained many professionals to develop their Excel expertise and skills sets. Her approach is both fun and engaging while teaching the fundamentals of Excel to those who seek to learn it.
Shevella "Shevy" Lindley, MBA, President
SCL Business Solutions, LLC
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  • Business Operations
Spreadsheets 101
Formula Writing
Charts and Graphs
Data Sorting and Filters
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Building Dashboards
Statistical Formulas
Data Analysis
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